High-Quality Copper Pins with Rhodium- or Gold-Coating

High-Quality Copper Pins with Rhodium- or Gold-Coating

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Our copper pins are made from high-purity OFC copper, gold-plated, and then rhodium-coated. Rhodium prevents microcrystal rearrangements and oxidation, which can affect sound quality. On request, the pins are also available with a hard gold surface. Lieferbar in 1 bis 3 Tagen.

Why is the Efuse Better than a Standard Fuse?

  • Sound Improvement: Replacing a standard fuse with a massive, rhodium-plated copper pin immediately enhances the sound quality of your system.
  • Safety: The Efuse cuts off the power immediately in case of a fault, protecting your equipment from damage.
  • Precision: With minimal resistance, the Efuse delivers noticeably more precise sound reproduction.
  • Reliable Protection: The Efuse reacts faster and more accurately in fault conditions than standard fuses, providing superior protection for your valuable equipment.

Note: Using copper pins without the additional Efuse is risky. For optimal sound and safety, we recommend the complete Efuse system.