Efuse Cable Two, international Version
Efuse Cable Two, international Version

Efuse Cable Two, international Version

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In the EFUSE Cable Two, the Efuse is integrated into the cable leading to the device. The advantage is that the user acquires not only the Efuse but also a high-quality power cable with corresponding connectors. The Efuse features an integrated overvoltage protection. It is available with or without inrush current limitation to enable the operation of devices with high inrush current, such as powerful amplifiers. The trip thresholds are adjustable. Better sound, more security.

WHEN IS AN INRUSH CURRENT LIMITER NEEDED? An inrush current limiter is useful for powerful power amplifiers or partially for devices with switching power supplies. Whether you need an inrush current limiter depends on the connected device. Devices with lower power consumption such as preamplifiers, streamers, and players usually do not require an inrush current limiter.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION? Lightning strikes or disturbances in the power supply network can lead to short-term high voltages that can cause significant damage to electrical devices. The components in the load circuit of the Efuse are therefore extremely robust and designed for high voltages. The integrated overvoltage protection limits the maximum occurring voltages to moderate values, so that your devices are also significantly better protected against permanent damage.

Scope of delivery:

OFC fuse (5 x 20 mm)

Warning labels

User manual

Plug adapter

Wooden case